Bremen's first e-bus goes on route

On 17 August, the first full electric battery bus was put in regular service by Bremen BSAG (public transport operator) after an official welcome address by the Senator for Environment, Construction and Transport Dr. Joachim Lohse and Hajo Müller, CEO and COO of BSAG.

In the coming three years, the 12m SILEO S12 launched today from German manufacturer SILEO, plus one EBUSCO 12m, and as a German first, an 18m full battery electric bus from SILEO will complete the e-bus fleet being tested. All three buses will be charged during the night in the depot and will rely on their battery capacity and low consumption during daytime operation to reach approximately >250 km with one charge.

The Senator emphasized the importance of renewable energies in the field of electric mobility and the potential of electrifying the transport sector. Transport and also public transport can play a role in bringing down hazardous NOx and PM emission levels on streets, but it also has the potential to reduce CO2 transport emissions. “An electric bus is of course clean, when the consumed energy is produced e.g. in wind turbines and not in coal plants”.

More news and information can be found in German on the BSAG website: and on the new blog, started yesterday:

You are also invited to see 360° photos: bus on the square, inside the bus, bus at the depot.

Friday, August 19, 2016