CIVITAS-ELIPTIC represented at a conversation on clean bus deployment hosted by the Commissioner Bulc

EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc invited high-level representatives of cities to discuss barriers and potential actions for the deployment of clean buses for urban transport. 34 cities/region were represented at the meeting on 13 October 2016 in Brussels – out of which 5 were CIVITAS-ELIPITIC partner cities (Barcelona, Bremen, Brussels, London and Warsaw).

The coordinator of the CIVITAS-ELIPTIC project, Michael Glotz-Richter from the City of Bremen, stressed the needs for intensified research, technical development and integrated demonstration activities on the European level: “there is some uncertainty on operator’s level about the various technology paths.  We don’t yet have the maturity of full electric buses – especially in the segment of high-capacity buses like articulated or double-decker buses”.

On behalf of the project, he underlined, with the campaign ‘factor 100’, the relevance of electrifying urban buses – and that there is not an appropriate funding mechanism. “It takes hundred electric cars to achieve the impact of one electric bus – but getting the funding 100 times is not possible”. “It would be a very efficient way to reduce emissions and at the same time also congestion and parking problems – fulfilling the idea of sustainable urban mobility planning,” concluded Michael Glotz-Richter.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016