ELIPTIC project kicks off: optimising existing electric infrastructure and rolling stock

Electrification of public transport in cities (ELIPTIC), a Research and Innovation action funded under the Horizon 2020 Work Programme, kicked-off on 2-3 June in Brussels. The aim of ELIPTIC is to develop new use concepts and business cases to optimise existing electric infrastructure and rolling stock, saving both money and energy. ELIPTIC will advocate electric public transport sector at the political level and help develop political support for the electrification of public transport across Europe. 

ELIPTIC will look at three thematic pillars: 

  • Safe integration of ebuses into existing electric public transport infrastructure
  • Innovative energy storage systems to increase operational efficiency 
  • Multi purpose use of electric public transport infrastructure 

ELIPTIC will actively support eleven European public transport providers and analyse 23 use cases within the three thematic pillars. The project will develop guidelines and tools for upgrading and regenerating electric public transport systems. Option generator and decision-making support tools, strategies and policy recommendations will also be created to foster Europe-wide take up and rollout of various development schemes. 

The kick-off meeting included a presentation by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency Project Officer, Walter Mauritsch, and a setting of the policy context by José Fernandez Garcia from DG MOVE and Paul Beeckmans, from the Greens in the European Parliament. Technical visits also took place at the STIB/MIVB reversible substation which is part of the Ticket to Kyoto project and to the electricity laboratory of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 

The project is coordinated by the City of Bremen. The consortium is made out of public transport operators, authorities, research partners, industrial suppliers and networks. UITP is leading the demonstration and dissemination work packages.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015