First round of workshops to produce development schemes and business cases completed

The first in a series of three rounds of workshops with each local ELIPTIC team has been completed. The workshops provide important input to the ELIPTIC final recommendations by each local ELIPTIC team developing, jointly with RWTH Aachen, business cases and development schemes for all electrification concepts.

The goal of the first round of workshops was to develop a common understanding of the aims and approaches of each electrification concept. Barriers and difficulties in implementing the individual plans have thereby been identified. This understanding will form the base of the development schemes and business cases, which form important input for the take-up and exploitation work of ELIPTIC results in later stages of the project. This take-up and exploitation work will consist of a training platform for the use of tools, i.e. simulation tools, life cycle calculator and a web based option generator.

Over seven months, RWTH Aachen, who leads the work on development schemes and business cases, together with project leaders Bremen SUBV and Rupprecht Consult, conducted workshops with each local ELIPTIC team (public transport operator, public transport authority, local research partner). The workshops started at the STOAG depot in Oberhausen in September ’15 and finished with Eastern European partners in Szeged, Gdynia and Warsaw in March ’16.

Each workshop included presentations on the electrification concepts by the host partners, discussions on evaluation and data collection, and RWTH Aachen presented their software-based planning approach.

The second round of workshops will start in September’16 with the first results of the business cases and development schemes being discussed with each local ELIPTIC team and RWTH Aachen.

In some cases, e.g. Oberhausen, RWTH Aachen will simulate electric bus routes and provide advice on extending the electric public transport service. This work could be presented in the third and final local workshop to an audience of local policymakers.

A detailed overview of each ELIPTIC electrification concept will be provided by RWTH Aachen.

Monday, March 21, 2016