Metro systems to supply power to electric bus charging infrastructure in ELIPTIC

Electrifying Public Transport in Cities (ELIPTIC) is a Horizon 2020 funded European project that aims to develop new use concepts and business cases in order to optimise existing electric infrastructure and rolling stock, saving both money and energy. The project strengthens the role of electric public transport, leading to reduced fossil fuel consumption and improved air quality.

To achieve this goal, ELIPTIC analyses 23 technological concepts within 11 cities (Barcelona, Bremen, Brussels, Eberswalde, Gdynia, Lanciano, Leipzig, London, Oberhausen, Szeged, and Warsaw) and in three thematic pillars:

  • Safe integration of ebuses using existing electric public transport infrastructure
  • Innovative energy storage systems to increase operational efficiency
  • Multi-purpose use of electric public transport infrastructure

The first thematic pillar includes cities directly linked to the UITP Metro Committee. Take the example of London, Transport for London is currently undertaking a feasibility study that investigates the possibility of using the London Underground’s private electricity network across the city to supply power to installations for the charging of extended range and fully electric buses operating scheduled services. The demonstration aims to prove a successful connection between the London Underground network and electric buses and how these connections could meet the needs of the bus operators while not adversely impacting on the safe and efficient operation of the underground rail system. It will also investigate the potential legal, contractual, planning and policy barriers to deploying such a system.

ELIPTIC is also currently recruiting public transport authorities and operators to enlarge the assessment and validation of the ELIPTIC concepts and results through independent expertise in a User Forum. This forum will meet on a twice yearly basis and provide updates on the latest developments in their cities so that members can learn from each other’s experience. For further information and details, please contact Yannick Bousse,


Monday, March 21, 2016