Twinning programme kicks off with meeting between STIB and Transport Infrastructure Ireland

ELIPTIC selected in October 2015 eleven Twin Cities in addition to the eleven partner cities already in the project. These cities have now started their activities with the twinned partner cities and a first meeting took place in Brussels between STIB and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) on 17 February.

STIB will transfer its approach for braking energy recovery using reversible substation technologies on its metro network to its light rail network in ELIPTIC and has agreed to share this experience with TII via the Twin Cities programme.

A total of six substations on STIB metro line 6 will be retrofitted with braking energy recovery technologies leading each to a predicted energy saving of 1 Million kWhr per year. Four of these six have already been successfully completed.

To transfer this knowledge to its light rail network within ELIPTIC, STIB will commence development of a multi-train simulation tool adapted to the Brussels tram network, and will model and simulate the braking energy recovery technologies. STIB will then be able to evaluate the financial benefits, based on a cost-benefits analysis, as well as the environmental benefits of the technologies.

TII sees strong similarities in this work to the Dublin light rail network, and also for the future Dublin Metro North system which is currently in an early planning stage. TII is constructing a new light rail line in Dublin at present and plans to increase the capacity on its existing lines.

As STIB progresses within ELIPTIC and shares this experience with TII, TII intends to share this in Dublin by organizing meetings and workshops with public transport stakeholders. A future visit from STIB to Dublin to present ELIPTIC results and to assist in technical workshops is very likely.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016